The days before the race

Test-driving the trail – especially the MTB trail – it is a good idea to know the trial beforehand

Practice what to do in case of puncturing and changing of bike tubes

Practice the swim-bike and bike-run transition

Perform you training sessions with your competition gear and clothes making sure that you are comfortable and avoid nuisances

Collect your participant number beforehand – this way you have one less thing to remember on the race day

Double-check you registration – just in case!

The Swim

Swimming cap provided by HEAD (this is provided to you with your participant number)

Small towel (if necessary)


The chip for registration of time and the corresponding Velcro tape

Goggles (with glass adjusted to the conditions)


Bike with approved equipment (breaks that work and so on)

Shoes for biking

Gloves for biking

Pump and spare tubes


Approved biking helmet

Goggles for biking (with glass adjusted to the conditions)

Clothes for biking or triathlon clothes

Water bottle with fluids

Is the bottle holder properly attached to the bike?

Energy (for example gels)

How will you transport the energy?

The Run

Running shoes for trail run

Running clothes or triathlon clothes

Socks for running (if necessary)

Belt for participant number or safety pins for this number

Before the event – on the day of the event

Eat your breakfast well before the race and remember to drink enough fluids up until the very beginning of the race

Do not use any new or untested equipment for swimming, biking or running.  Make sure only to use equipment you have been practicing with.

Make sure that you arrive at the event well before it starts – preferably 1,5 hours before

Collect your participant number well in advance (if you have not already picked it up)

Get comfortable with the event area, transition zone, the trails and hydrationzones

Make your way to the transition zone well ahead of time and perform your bike check-in

Perform your warm up drills well ahead of time. By all means do this in the water as well so you are ready for the swim.

Maybe your family and friends are coming to cheer for you? Perhaps they would like to help out as volunteers at the event. Please contact us if this is the case.

Transition zone

Bike check-in (among other things, here the breaks and helmet are checked)

Find the place for your bike well ahead of time

The bike is hung on the bike rack by its saddle

The transition zone bag provided to you must be at your station next to you bike

All equipment and clothes must be in the bag and not on the ground

Get comfortable with the transition zone (make sure you know the entrance and exit areas)

After the finish line

Enjoy the refreshments

Check if you are the winner of any placement or lottery prize

Remember to save your participant number so you have access to the transition zone and thereby able to collect your equipment and bike – it is only possible for you to collect your bike from the transition zone if you are able to show your valid participant number on both bike and stomach.

Cheer for the other XTERRA athletes

If there is a bike wash station, then feel free to wash your bike before you go home