XTERRA Nordic presents with GeoCenter Møns Klint, 3 unique trail run races for the XTERRA weekend at Møns Klint 2018.

XTERRA Klinteløbet with 5 and 10 km trail run and XTERRA Trail Run 21 km.

One of Denmark’s coolest and tough trails, on top and at the foot of the huge cliff.

There will be the following distances in 2018:

XTERRA Klinteløbet 5 km (Saturday):
5 km trail run

XTERRA Klinteløbet 10 km (Saturday):
10 km trail run

XTERRA Trail Run 21 km (Saturday):
21 km trail run


8th September 2018

Adress: Stengårdsvej 8, 4791 Borre, GeoCenter Møns Klint

GPS coordinat: 54°57’55.2″N 12°32’45.9″E



The course will lead participants through beautiful and varied forest areas near the cliff. There will be steep slopes, stairs to climb, and not least some small technical passages to be overcome in the trail shoes.

The course takes the participants on adventure on the top of the cliff, along the edge, and at the foot of the cliff, along the coast. Finally the tough staircase awaits 497 steps, which takes the participants up to the finish line.


The courses for XTERRA Møns Klint will be marked according to XTERRA Nordic’s high standard and make it easy as a play to find the tracks. The courses are set up during the week up to the event and when they are ready, it is possible to test the course on your own.


Registration is managed by Sportstiming (click here) and costs kr. 15,- in registration fee.

Prices for trail run in 2018:

XTERRA Klinteløbet 5 km: Kr. 150,-
XTERRA Klinteløbet 10 km: Kr. 175,-
XTERRA Trail Run 21 km: Kr. 200,-

Online sign-up closes 2 days before the race and post-registration is possible on the day for an additional fee.


Please read the registration conditions before signing up (see them here). By signing up, you agree to these terms. If you have questions regarding this. registration, etc. you are always welcome to contact us.



Klinteløbet 5 & 10 km:
• Live online timing via Sportstiming
• Acces to Finisher Zone
• Energydrink from PurePower during and after the race
• Pictures
• Cool drawing prices
… and the most awesome trail run atmosphere!

XTERRA Trail Run 21 km:
• Live online timing via Sportstiming
• Acces to Finisher Zone
• Energydrink from PurePower during and after the race
• Sweets/snacks during the race in selected aid stations
• Sweets/snacks after the race in the Finisher Zone
• Pictures
• Cool drawing prices
… and the most awesome trail run atmosphere!


At the hydration zone there will be energy products and water. In the information for participants (you will receive this app. a week before the event) you will be able to find a more precise description of these energy products. There will be hydrations zones in connection with the MTB -and run course.


The event area is located in connection with the transition zone and is central in relation to all routes. Here you will find registration/information, expo, food and drinks, massage, merchandise sale, first aid, bike wash and much more. Possibilities for parking are good all the way up to the event area.


XTERRA Finisher Zone is the area you enter when you cross the XTERRA finish line. Only XTERRA participants are allowed in the finisher zone where you can relax while giving the other participants a high-five.

There will be energy products from PurePower, beverages and fruit. Red Bull provides extra energy for all participants.

You may also be hungry when you finish, so it is also possible to buy a hot and tasty meal and some snacks.


Here is the preliminary time schedule:
(can be changed)

Saturday 8th September:
08.00-16.00: Event area os open
10.00: XTERRA Kids Duathlon
11.30: XTERRA Duathlon
12.00: XTERRA Klinteløbet 5 km
12.00: XTERRA Klinteløbet 10 km
12.00: XTERRA Trail Run 21 km

Sunday 9th September
07.00-17.00: Event area is open
10.00: XTERRA Triathlon


Registration, timing and handling of results are carried out by SPORTSTIMING. All participants will be supplied with a starting BIB number with a build-in timing chimp. The timing is carried out with professional equipment and there will be a LIVE-coverage of all participants online. After the race you can views the results online.


It is obligatory for all participants to attend in the race briefing. Among other things, the briefing draws you attention to the most important rules, weather reports and the routs and trails are explained.


XTERRA Trail Run 21 km on Møns Klint is part of the XTERRA Trail Run World Tour Series 2018 – a series of unique and challenging XTERRA trail run races.

To XTERRA Trail Run 21 km at XTERRA Møns Klint 2018, it is possible to qualify for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship, which will be held in the fall of 2018.