At registration at an XTERRA Nordic event, you accept that al participation is on your own responsibility, and you accept our generel terms that can be found here

At registration at an XTERRA Nordic event you accept that pictures and video will be taken of you and can be used commercially and publicly. 

At registration at an XTERRA Nordic event you give XTERRA Nordic’s media crew permission to fly over you with a drone during the event. Drone flying is happening under Trafikstyrelsen’s rules. 

At registration at an XTERRA Nordic event you accept to be subscribed to XTERRA Nordic’s newsletter, where you receive all athlete information, bib number, XTERRA news and more. 

It is possible to change the name on you registration until 1 month before race start. There is a fee on DKK 95 (plus fee from Sportstiming).

To transfer a registration to another person you must follow the guide described on the right side of this page. 

It is only possible to get a refund for your registration by showing a valid medical certificate showing injury or illness, and receipt on your registration from Sportstiming. Refund can happen until 1 month before race start and can be completed here

The full registration amount will be refunded up to 2 months before race start. 50% of the registration amount will be refunded up to 1 month before race start. 

If you do not return the handed out timing chip from Sportstiming directly after crossing the finish line at the race, you shall return it to Sportstiming at the address: Skanderborgvej 242, 8260 Viby (remember to tag the envelope ‘XTERRA’). 

You will be invoiced DKK 100 if you do not return it. 

XTERRA Nordic cannot be put responsible for forgotten things at an event eller luggage stored in the bagage area at the race venue (if such a bagage area is present). 

XTERRA Nordic has the right to make changes in starting times and the program leading up to the race. And to make changes on the distances and courses leading up to the race. 

The minimum age during the year of the event is 18 years old to participate in an XTERRA Nordic event. Dispensation can be given to younger participants under special circumstances. 

The age limits for participation in XTERRA Kids Duathlon and XTERRA Kids Triathlon are 6 to 14 years old. 

At personal injury or equipment damage it is the involved person’s own insurance that must cover it. XTERRA Nordic cannot be held responsible for medical expenses or personal damages. 

XTERRA Nordic will at any time make decisions that benefit the participant’s safety. XTERRA Nordic cannot be held responsible for cancellation due to recommendations from the authorities or force majeure as for example weather conditions that makes it unsafe and irresponsible to go through with the event. 


The event is owned and organized by Running26 Events.
Running26 Events ApS
Jægersborg Allé 1D

2920 Charlottenlund
Adm. CEO and Responsible: Kristian Uhd Jepsen

VAT Number: 31606152

In correlation with your participation in the event, you sign up and give us your personal information to such an extent that we can hold the event for you. We only collect information needed to hold the event and inform you of likewise events. Your personal information will be used to communicate with you before, during and after the event of the event and similar events that Running26 holds. You have rights under Running26’s Privacy Policy, which can be seen here.

You are welcome to contact us at


If you wish to transfer your registration to another person you have the option to do this yourselves through Sportstiming up to 1 month before. Follow these steps:

  1. Go into
  2. Login with you account information
  3. Push “Your orders” in the menu
  4. Push “Signed up” in the right side
  5. Push “Change owner” in the right side
  6. Fill in information on the new participant under “Receiver” and push “Transfer”


The full amount of the registration will be refunded by submitting a valid medical certificate proving injury or illness, up to 2 months before the race. 50% of the registration amount will be refunded up to 1 month before race start.

Fill out the formula and attach medical certificate and your receipt from Sportstiming as a PDF.