Here you will find the tough, beautiful and challenging courses for XTERRA Denmark Møns Klint 2018. Just like in 2018 it will be an intense battle for the win and even to complete the course, especially with the 497 steps on the stairs that must be overcome several times. Møns Klint is unique outdoor terrain that will be transformed to XTERRA country on September 8-9. Here we present the Specialized MTB Course that will consist of 2 laps of 15 km. The SALOMON Run Course on 10 km will consist of 2 different loops of around 5 km. You start at GeoCenter Møns Klint and run the first loop in the Big Klinte-forest, whereafter you will be taken down on the last loop that takes you along the water beneath the big mesmerising cliffs. It for sure will be challenging. The last challenge before reaching the Finish Line will be the 497 steps that once again has to be conquered.

*Minor changes on the courses can be made that will benefit the participants.


Find answers to all your questions in the Athlete Guide and be well prepared for race day on September 8-9, 2018.


In cooperation with GeoCenter Møns Klint, XTERRA Nordic proudly introduces the main event for the XTERRA Nordic season 2018, XTERRA Møns Klint.

Denmark’s toughest, wildest and most beautiful off-road triathlon race.

In one of the most spectacular places in Denmark – surrounded by a unique piece of nature – you will be challenged on the classic XTERRA Triathlon, XTERRA Duathlon & XTERRA Kids Duathlon.

For the last two years the winner of XTERRA Møns Klint has also become XTERRA World Champion – so you will compete with the best in the world but also the age group participants.

XTERRA Denmark is an XTERRA Gold race, which means there will be additional points for the European Tour competition. And the total prize pool for elite athletes is € 12,000.

There will be the following distances at XTERRA Denmark Møns Klint 2018:

XTERRA Trail Run (Saturday):
5 km, 10 km or 21 km trail run

XTERRA Duathlon (Sunday):
5 km trail run – 30 km MTB – 5 km trail run

XTERRA Relay (Sunday):
1500 m swim – 30 km MTB – 10 km trail run (divided between 2-3 persons as a relay)

XTERRA Triathlon (Sunday):
1500 m swim – 30 km MTB – 10 km trail run


8th – 9th of September 2018

Address: Stengårdsvej 8, 4791 Borre, GeoCenter Møns Klint

GPS coordinat: 54°57’55.2″N 12°32’45.9″E



The HEAD swim course takes you along the impressive shore of the amazing Møns Klint to the 70 million year old limestone wall. You will then face 497 steps up the cliff face to the the transition zone.

The MTB route is hilly, combining tough single tracks with a beautiful view along the impressive cliff top. The route will take you through many breathtaking areas and challenging sections.

The final trail run is on a diverse and tough route. You will be running along the edge of the cliff with a 128 meters free drop to the sea in some places.

When you cross the finish line after a race in an amazing and cruel terrain created by mother nature herself you will not be in doubt that your have just completed the race of a lifetime.

  • 1500 m swim
  • 30 km MTB
  • 10 km trail run

XTERRA Duathlon starts with a 5 km trail run on a challenging course were the nature have created some fantastic trails.

After the first trail run you’ll change the shoes to the MTB and have a go on the 30 km MTB course in the forest around Møns Klint. The MTB course is very hilly and you will have some of the greatest views along the way.

The last part of the XTERRA Duathlon is the 5 km trail run which ends with the popular and feared 497 steps from the bottom of the cliff.

  • 5 km trailløb
  • 30 km MTB
  • 5 km trailløb

Make XTERRA a team experience and try the XTERRA distance as a team.

You can be 2 or 3 people on a team and the relay is passed on after each distance in the shift zone.

The course and distance are the same as the XTERRA Triathlon distance, and the relay also takes place simultaneously with the other participants.

  • 1500 m swim
  • 30 km MTB
  • 10 km trail run

XTERRA Trail run on Saturday at Møns Klint.

Go for a run in the fantastic terrain at the cliff, on the beach and in the woods.

Choose between 5 km, 10 km or 21 km of trail run on the XTERRA trail run course.

The 21 km distance is also part of the XTERRA Trail Run Series, which means you can qualify for the XTERRA Trail Running World Championship.

  • 1500 m swim
  • 30 km MTB
  • 10 km trail run


There should be no doubt that it requires a sturdy mountain bike and gross cleated trail shoes when the stunning area around Møns Klint has to be overcome.
The area around Møns Klint is unique. It offers everything needed to create a physically and technically challenging event, where nature becomes the stage, and participants players. The route at Møns Klint will lead athletes through some of the most beautiful and varied forest with the best views in Denmark. There will be deep ravines to be overcome, stairs to steppes, streams to be passed, and not least the trays to be overcome.

The focus has been to create a varied route with emphasis on the technical and physical as well as impressive views.


The course will be marked with marker flags made before raceday, and it will be thoroughly reviewed and tested by outsiders. However, we can not take responsibility for the sabotage, so we advise people to familiarize themselves with the routes in advance. We expect, however, obviously not with that sabotage comes.


Registration is via Sportstiming (click here) and costs kr. 15, – in registration fee.

Prices for XTERRA Møns Klint 2018:

XTERRA Klinteløbet
5 km: Kr. 150,-
10 km: Kr. 175,-
21 km: Kr. 200,-

XTERRA Kids Duathlon
Kr. 225,- (3rd jan. to 12th aug.)
Kr. 250,- (13th aug. to 2nd sep.)

XTERRA Duathlon
Kr. 600,- (3rd jan. to 12th aug.)
Kr. 625,- (13th aug. to 2nd sep.)

Kr. 1200,- (3rd jan. to 12th aug.)
Kr. 1250,- (13th aug. to 2nd sep.)

XTERRA Triathlon
Kr. 950,- (3rd jan. to 12th aug.)
Kr. 1000,- (13th aug. to 2nd sep.)

There are the following number of starting numbers for sale:

XTERRA Trail Run: unlimited
XTERRA Kids Duathlon: 100 pcs.
XTERRA Duathlon: 250 pcs.
XTERRA Triathlon: 400 pcs.

Please read the conditions for registration (see below) before signing up


Participants are kindly requested to read the conditions for registration before signing up (click here). Upon registration you accept these conditions. If you have any questions concerning registration and so on, you are always welcome to contact us.



Triathlon & Duathlon:
• Live online timing by Sportstiming
• Unique XTERRA swim cap (not Duathlon)
• Energy gels from PurePower during the race
• Energy bars from PurePower after the race
• Access to Finisher Zone
• Hot Finisher meal when crossing the finish line
• Drinks in Finisher Zone
• XTERRA 2018 Finisher medal
• XTERRA Finisher T-shirt in good quality and breathable material
• Pictures
• Great prizes
… and the coolest XTERRA-atmosphere!

Kids Duathlon:
• Live online timing by Sportstiming
• Access to Finisher Zone
• Energy drink from PurePower during and after the race
• Finisher T-shirt
• Pictures
• Great prizes
… and the coolest XTERRA-atmosphere!

Trail Run:
• Live online timing by Sportstiming
• Access to Finisher Zone
• Energy drink from PurePower during and after the race
• Pictures
• Great drawing prizes
… and the coolest trail run atmosphere!


At the hydration zone there will be energy products and water. In the information for participants (you will receive this app. a week before the event) you will be able to find a more precise description of these energy products. There will be hydrations zones in connection with the MTB -and run course.


XTERRA is about going off-road! And by taking the best of triathlon and make it muddy, you get
a combination of very unique experiences and challenges. It is the laid-back “hang loose” atmosphere from Maui, along with the community of the raw nature that makes XTERRA the leading off-road triathlon events in the sport.

In XTERRA we are one big family and there is room for everyone – it’s about getting wet, muddy and not least trying out your own limits.

The full distance begins with the swim of the coast from Møn beach. From here the athletes run out of the water and up to the transition zone, where they take off their wet suit and change to their mountain bike. The MTB course offers unique tracks and challenging terrain.

Then the route goes back through the transition zone, where you change to a pair of trail running shoes and out on the trail.
A run course that takes the athletes through the woods and along the beach and will force out the last energy. Eventually, you run across the finish line under the XTERRA arch and can call yourself a true XTERRA Warrior!



XTERRA Finisher Zone is the area you enter when you cross the XTERRA finish line and where you get your XTERRA medal. Only XTERRA participants are allowed in the finisher zone where you can relax while giving the other participants a high-five.

It is also here that you will find all the great food you have earned from completing the challenges. There will be energy products from PurePower, beverages and fruit. Red Bull provides extra energy for all participants.

You may also be hungry when you finish, so we also provide a hot and tasty meal and some snacks for you.


The event area is located in connection with the transition zone and is central in relation to all routes. Here you will find registration/information, expo, food and drinks, massage, merchandise sale, first aid, bike wash and much more. Possibilities for parking are good all the way up to the event area.


It is obligatory for all participants to attend in the race briefing. Among other things, the briefing draws you attention to the most important rules, weather reports and the routs and trails are explained.


The transition zone is sealed off and access is limited to participants only. In order to enter you must be able to show a valid participant number. The transition zone will be supervised during the entire event. There will be bikeracks for all participants. Both transitions, T1 and T2, take place in the same transition zone – the MTB route and running trail do not go through the transition zone in relation to running several rounds.


Registration, timing and handling of results are carried out by SPORTSTIMING. All participants will be supplied with a starting package with chip, participant number. The timing is carried out with professional equipment and there will be a LIVE-coverage of all participants online. Please return the chip when you cross the finish line.


Here is the preliminary time schedule:
(can be changed)

Saturday the 8th of September:
08.00-17.00: Event area is open
11.00: XTERRA Klinteløbet 5 km and 10 km
11.00: XTERRA Trail Run 21 km

Sunday the 9th of September
07.00-17.00: Event area is open
10.00: XTERRA Triathlon
10.00: XTERRA Relay
11.00: XTERRA Duathlon

Bike check-in between:

07.00-09.30: Triathlon + Relay + Duathlon


At the event area there will be an EXPO with sponsors, collaborators and much more. These will be selling and sharing out their products or in other ways help participants. The list showing the expo stands is to be updated as soon as possible.


Companies have the opportunity to have their own tent/VIP setup in the event area on the days of the events. The XTERRA event is a perfect place to create a company event where employees and business partners can be social and active while networking.
 All expenses are invoiced directly to the company. Please contact us for additional information.


It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes in car from Copenhagen to Møns Klint

Address: Stengårdsvej 8, 4791 Borre, GeoCenter Møns Klint

GPS coordinat: 54°57’55.2″N 12°32’45.9″E


At a large event like XTERRA Møn Klints many helpful hands are needed for which we are happy to provide something nice as thanks and gratitude. If you want to be a part of the awesome XTERRA crew on the 8th to 9th of September, then by all means contact us!